What can we do to help the enviroment

I recently read an article which discusses climate change as a result of the damage we have done as a race to this planet. It is shocking to think that the planet is literally being destroyed from the inside by a race which relies on it for our own survival yet we do very […]

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  • Use the 80/20 Rule in your campaign
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    Integrate the 80 / 20 Principle into your Marketing Strategy

Integrate the 80 / 20 Principle into your Marketing Strategy

The 80/20 Rule
 How does the 80 / 20 rule apply to your campaign?

The rule states that 20% of the people in any given situation perform 80% of the work, now if we are running a marketing campaign that we want to rocket through the roof and spread like wildfire how can we apply this […]

ROI is King with any marketing campaign

Working with a number of clients recently I have noticed many brands focus toward creating a unique, dynamic marketing strategy. Now I agree that creating something unique is a key way to stand out from the crowd. However let’s  not forget what it’s all for, ROI.

The main reason for any marketing strategy is to […]

Are You Ready?

What a weekend, this had to be the best weather we’ve had in Scotland in years. Great to see everyone out enjoying the heat in the meadows and enjoying themselves.

Convert your leads.

Businesses spend fortunes on digital marketing strategy, however once that traffic starts converting and the phone starts ringing are you ready?

From my experience […]

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What’s Different About You?

What’s Different About You?
No matter what your product or service you have competition, and when your business is online we have global competition. This can often mean another 10,000 companies offering the same service as yourself, so ask yourself, why are you different?

This question has far more relevance than most people think, it […]

Time Management

I’m often asked the same question by many people, ‘how do you manage your time?’ I think this is one of the most important questions any new business owner should ask themselves, because the difference between good and bad time management can be the difference between success and failure.

If you ask any successful business […]

Upturn in the Weather

It’s great to see some Sun in Scotland, I certainly think we deserve it after the winter we just had! It’s remarkable the change in people’s attitude and the energy we seem to develop once the sun comes out. I spent most of this weekend cycling around the city meeting up with friends who […]

Ready For Takeoff

Ive always had a thing for flying, so when I was offered the opportunity to hang glide I decided it was right up my street and jumped at the chance. Just 10 hours before deciding to go, I was in the car driving down from Edinburgh to the Peak District, with a few beers […]